Fafi Abdel Nour

Groningen / Netherlands
He / Him
By Leendert Sonnevelt


The Syrian born and Groningen-based Fafi Abdel Nour is part of that new generation, that’s breaking down barriers and inspiring others, doing so by simply standing in his own truth, while radiating a good portion of self-love.

Sometimes when you feel out of touch at a place and / or time, a soothing community can be the healing notion in the equation. Fafi succeeded in reaching out and managed to surround himself with a loving and prosperous environment, centering his queer party HomOOST. The party that came to represent Fafi’s sonic palette of psychedelic disco, Italo, cosmic, Italian dream house, and a selection of lovely vocals to take the edge of, and guarantee plenty of dance floor vibes.

In the past two years, he made his way to countries like Tunisia, next to landing and maintaining slots at De School, One of the Dutch capitol’s most cherished queer parties: Is burning, Dekmantel’s Lente kabinet Festival, Selectors as well as being included in their class of 2020.