Amsterdam, Netherlands
She / Her
Loes de Boer


Amsterdam-based Jasmín has been causing an uproar on dancefloors with her eclectic selections ever since she started out. Her Argentinian roots clearly show in her sets, resulting in a push of rippling rhythms, warped bass and lush and rolling club sounds. Her heart is set on alacrity, delving into peak-time machine funk, acid, and dubstep for an intense – and intensely fun time. In the years since, those same instincts have taken Jasmín to far-out places and lead her to a regular slot at one of the world's most renowned institutions: Dekmantel. During her radioshow Petting Dogs on Echobox Radio she shares more experimental sounds and pop alongside her guests. This summer she released one of her first tracks on the collaborative compilation tape by Dekmantel and Patta, along with a debut on Martyn’s label 3024.



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