Berlin / Germany
They / Them
Filipe Baixinho


Risen to prominence from the Lisbon's underground scene as a resident of mina's infamous raves, marum has crafted a unique and hybrid artist practice: half relentless rave DJ, half community utopian-researcher.

Instigator of the queer rave mina, co-founder of the label and artist agency suspension, a knit-tight collaborator of the hybrid dance & sex party Lecken and community radio Quântica, marum holds a refined and thoughtful sonic and political signature that moves entire communities and dance floors.

Their sets are unashamed worship sessions of hypnotic, acidic techno, cavernous industrial beats with elements of EBM, trippy trance waves with aerial drones that take influence from film scores, minimalist composers and musique concrète. Oscillating between meditative soundscapes and fast-paced high-energy ravey tracks, the dance floor is taken to a contagious physical and mental catharsis, manipulating the realms between anxiety, peace, and ecstasy.