Stella Zekri

Berlin / Germany
She / Her
by Edo Lovati


Stella Zekri represents an encouraging generation of DJs in Berlin that set out to keep things interesting. She has forged a singular path as an exhilarating DJ unafraid to slow down and sensualize the dancefloor, while providing a myriad of euphoria.

Deemed the queen of long sets, Stella's sets have become somewhat of a phenomenon in the sometimes dense, and spellbound city of Berlin. They are truly an exalting, and gleeful experience. Every song she plays out is a statement, and she is unafraid to jump between pitched down trance, old school hip hop, disco, house and new beat. Each record is something she has found, loved and insists you come along for the ride.

Stella currently holds a residency at HÖR Berlin, and one of the city’s biggest and most beloved Queer parties: Cocktail d'Amore